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Phoenix Petroleum's Innovative Pricing

Phoenix Petroleum Co. will work with our customers to offer not only the lowest price, but also the pricing method that best fits your needs.

Current Market Price
For our customers who are willing to play the market and want to purchase product at the market price current with each delivery of product, we offer prices that change based on the current market conditions.

Firm Fixed Price
For our customers who don't want to gamble about whether prices will go up or down and would like to lock in a price for a period of time, we offer firm fixed prices. For these customers, we lock in a hedge in the New York Mercantile Exchange petroleum futures market.

Firm Fixed Price with Downside Price Protection
Phoenix Petroleum has pioneered in the offering of Firm Fixed Prices with Downside Price protection. Under this method, if prices rise, our customer would benefit by paying the lower firm fixed price, but if prices fall, the customer would share in the benefit of falling prices by paying a lower price than the firm fixed price.


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