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Phoenix Petroleum Biodiesel

Biodiesel is a product we encourage you to consider. Phoenix is among the pioneers in supplying this product. Attached are a Fact Sheet about biodiesel and an informative FAQ about biodiesel. Below presents a summary of some of the benefits of using Biodiesel.

Easy to Use: Biodiesel can be used with current diesel storage tanks and in all diesel vehicles with little or no engine modification.

EPAct Credits: The January 2001 publication of the Department Of Energy final rule for the use of Biodiesel allows covered fleets to use Biodiesel to fulfil up to 50% of their alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) requirements. According to the final rule, users of Biodiesel recieve one EPAct credit (the same as one AFV acquisition) for every 450 gallons of B100 Biodiesel purchased (or 2,250 gallons of B20). The creditsare good only for the year Biodiesel was used.

Improved Engine Performance: Biodiesel improves the cetane number, flash point, and lubricity of the Diesel Fuel - which improves engine performance and fuel economy.

Biodiesel is cleaner and renewable: Biodiesel cuts exhaust emissions, cuts down on black smoke, odor, and greenhouse gas emissions and other toxic emissions, and does not contribute to acid rain. Our Biodiesel is made with 100% pure soybean oil. The US is the world's leading producer and exporter of soybeans.





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